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The Living Trust

Why We Provide a Living Trust

As their trusted tax preparer, our clients often share with me their concerns for their family's well-being in the event that they pass away or become clinically incapacitated

What We Discovered

After years of hearing these similar concerns from many clients, extensive research was done to find a solution that could them some peace of mind.  We discovered a company and an estate preservation tool, The Estate Plan,  founded by Mr. Henry W. Abts III

How We Provide This Service

Trained by The Estate Plan, we can provide services as a Living Trust Advisor to help others with an extraordinary tool, called The Estate Plan Living Trust

The Estate Plan is Highly Effective

The Estate Plan has built a solid and highly regarded reputation for helping people avoid costly probate while allowing them to have their parting wishes carried out.  Continue below or Contact Us now if you would like to know specifics on how The Estate Plan Living Trust would work for you and your family

What Does The Estate Plan Do For You?

It's not just a series of documents!

It's comprehensive range of estate planning products and services, each tailored to your family's unique needs and designed to transfer your assets to your beneficiaries with minimum anxiety, cost, or complication.  It includes ...

The Living Trust

Not all trusts are valid in every state.  Over 30 years of estate preservation experience is incorporated in serving clients nationwide.   Includes 210+ "Must-Have" provisions and a duplicate set of the Living Trust and ancillary documents for safe keeping

Free Ancillary Documents

Offer you additional control over your person or assets. These documents are so vital, included as part of your Estate Preservation Program

Legal & Tax Updates

Tax code and pending legislation are monitored throughout  The Estate Plan's nationwide legal and tax information network, and affected clients are informed

Client Services

The Estate Plan support will answer your questions, review your Estate Preservation Program, and provide additional estate planning products and services, including: deed transfer, trust amendment services, as well as advanced estate planning techniques

Benefits to You 

With The Estate Plan, you can:

• avoid the high cost and lengthy process of probate

• allow quick distribution of trust assets to your family upon your death

• preserve your estate from unnecessary federal estate tax

• provide for the support and education of minor children, or                    grandchildren

• insure you retain maximum control over your property and estate

• avoid conservatorship or guardianship if you become incompetent

• maintain the continued privacy of your affairs

• change it at any time

Interest In More Information?

We encourage you to reach out to us to address your concerns about this very personal and sensitive matter to ensure your family's well-being when you're not around
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