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Our tools of business are our education, cell phones, lap tops, and effective use of modern technology.  These business tools allow us to be accurate, mobile and fast in presenting the best solutions while keeping our overhead cost down.  The benefits and savings of doing business fast and less expensive is then shared with you, our client

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Remember "Uncle Sam takes your money but Uncle Marvin gets it back"

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Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

Our tax return preparation is geared towards helping our clients understand the importance of good record keeping.  Good record keeping allows the process of filing the tax returns to be done in an accurate and time conscience manner

Anyone who for compensation prepares, or helps prepare, all or substantially all of tax returns or claims for refunds must have a PTIN.

Taxpayers who use a paid return preparer are urged to choose a return preparer with a valid PTIN, Preparers Tax ID.   Return preparers should also sign the returns they prepare for taxpayers and enter their PTINs on the returns.  Rest assured, we are qualified to prepare, and sign, your returns

The Living Trust

The Living Trust

As their trusted tax preparer, our clients often share with me their concerns for their family's well-being in the event that they pass away or become clinically incapacitated.  After years of hearing these similar concerns from many clients, extensive research was done to find a solution that could them some peace of mind.  We discovered a company,  The Estate Plan,  founded by Mr. Henry W. Abts III. 

The Estate Plan has built a solid and highly regarded reputation for helping people avoid costly probate while allowing them to have their parting wishes carried out.   Trained by The Estate Plan, we can provide services as a Living Trust Advisor to help others with an extraordinary tool, called The Estate Plan Living Trust

No Question is a Stupid Question

At Harris Tax and Business Services, there is no such thing as a stupid tax question, so please feel free to contact us today with your tax and Living Trust questions 
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